Photo Editing Mistakes you all are making in Photography

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Photo Editing Mistakes you all are making in Photography

HDR techniques for photo editing

So you have come to read the photo editing mistakes you might have been making in photography. Well, this is a good thing if you want to learn from your mistakes and enhance your skills. Let me tell you, Photoshop is brilliant software for all your photo editing needs but if used in a wrong way, it can really hamper the picture quality and sometimes the whole image itself. While editing the picture, you will never get to know what mistakes you are making. There are chances that you are doing all these things without even knowing that you are doing it wrong. By overusing the effects, filters, and tools on a single image, you are actually ruining the picture. Here are a few mistakes you all are making which prevent you from creating a masterpiece:

Framing and borders

Frames and borders are actually quite outdated and whosoever thinks that they enhance the picture is absolutely wrong. To make the images look appealing, adding a frame is not the right approach and you should definitely adopt new techniques. If you are a beginner, avoid this or else you will push the viewers away because no one wants to see an object wrapped inside a frame. The simpler the image, the better it looks.

Photo Editing Mistakes for Framing and borders

Square format

Talking about the latest photography trends, the square format is one among them. To take the appearance of a photo to a whole new level, the images should be created in square format. Whenever you design or create an image, make sure that it is square.

Photo Editing Mistakes for Square format

Over retouching

Retouching is a good thing to hide the flaws or imperfections but only if it is done to some extent. Doing too much retouching on a picture leads to bad results. Everyone wants to make the image look as best as they can and to fulfill this thing, we often go crazy with the editing part. While retouching holds an important place, overdoing it will ruin the image originality making it look artificial and fake.

Over retouching for photo editing

HDR techniques

In order to improve the picture resolution and quality, some photographers forget that overdoing the stuff will rather make the image look bad. Natural HDR is important and required to add a realistic view to the image. However, make sure to highlight the important parts by putting a little shadow or else. Go for editing only where it is required and not everywhere just to do it.

HDR techniques for photo editing


These mistakes are quite common in the photography industry and every photographer whether small or large makes these mistakes at some point in their career. To excel in photography, practice is very important and you should always make sure to overcome your mistakes to produce stunning results. Keep in touch with the top photographers of the industry to see how they perform and what techniques do they apply while shooting an image. Once you get a complete grasp of your profession, you will rule the world.

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