General Questions

1What level of security do you provide at Product Photo Editing while transferring images to your portal?
Product Photo Editing makes sure to keep all your data and images safe in every possible way. No compromise is made on the security of images because we use the latest tools and techniques thus giving you 100% security on the images you transfer at our portal. We don’t share your images with anyone without your prior permission. Yes we will give 100% security that your images will not share any place without your permission.
2Is there any requirement to sign up to avail your services?
Yeah, of course you have to register with us to get services. The process is quite simple as you just have to fill few fields like email, name, password and you are all set to the avail our services.
3Do you provide trial service for an image?
Yes, we provide two images for trial. Simply send us an email and then our team will send you the example work. Also, you can visit free trial page to add your images for trial.
4What is the turnaround time?
We usually send back the work within 24 hours but considering the complexity of work, time may vary. While placing an order, you can browse from few options at that page for more ease.

Upload and Download

1Is it safe to transfer images via your web portal?
You can simply upload your images via our web portal and no FTP account is needed for that. Everything is there on the site whatever you need.
2How can I know that the photos are ready to download?
When an image is uploaded on our server, you get notified immediately so as to download it. Check the status of your images or job whether completed or not from our site’s portal.
3How to download the finished images?
Simply use the download link and start downloading images. You will receive an email once the job gets done.
4Which image format is accepted at your portal?
We prefer JPEG but that is not mandatory. We do accept any image format whether it is JPEG, PNG or TIFF file but make sure not to upload *.zip or *.rar format because it will not be accepted by the site.
5How to download the finished images?
Simply use the download link and start downloading images. You will receive an email once the job gets done.

Payment & Billing

1Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments through Skrill, PayPal, Google Wallet, Payza, Payoneer and 2Checkout etc. Also, any debit or credit card is acceptable via PayPal and 2Checkout.
2Do you accept payment by Bank Wire?
Yes, we give this option to our regular customers who make payments on weekly basis.
3What payment terms you prefer?
If you have daily work for us, then you can choose “I will pay later” while creating your order. This option will create your weekly account with us.
4Do you add VAT ID to the invoice?
Yes, our system automatically generates VAT ID given by you on each invoice. You can print the invoice for future use. Rest, we update the billing information and VAT ID for you.
5If I don’t like the work, then what will you do?
We offer unlimited revisions as long as you don’t feel contented. Also, if you don’t get satisfied with the work, we give your money back.


1What do you charge for each image?
The pricing starts at US $0.50 each image. But it is not the same for each image as some images are complex to handle. So we give a better quote after seeing your work or you can check the samples provided at the portal to get an idea.
2Can I ask for a quote?
Yes, of course you can ask for a quote. Just go the respective page and upload your image. Next, “Ask for a quote” and get our quote. If you want to check out the default pricing packages, then that is also an option.
3Is there any discount offered at your portal?
On bulk order, we do provide special offers and discounts. 5% discount on the whole order is offered if you give us the opportunity to process your 1000 images in a month. The discount amount is added to your wallet account for future jobs.
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