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Terms of Use:

  • Content on the whole site provides general information so can be changed at any time according to our requirement.
  • We don’t guarantee or provide any warranty on the accuracy or performance of the third parties involved with us as they operate separately and we will not be held responsible for any flaw. We exclude such liabilities for any type of errors and you acknowledge us on the same.
  • Whatever information you are using on the site will be at your own risk as we are not liable for anything. You must be very sure that whatever services, products or information provided at the site suits your requirements.
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  • We are not responsible for the content or images or anything you send us because it’s your responsibility to send us only the authorized material that is free from copyrights and patents. You agree not to send us any file that is in no way related to you and some third party. When you place an order on our site, it means you agree that you have all the necessary permissions and rights on the files you are sending us to work on.

Copyright Notice

Product Photo Editing is the copyright and the content on the site is our authority. You are not allowed to use any information for personal use other than this:

  • Print or download for non-commercial use is allowed.
  • You can copy the content displayed at the site to third parties but you have to give the website as a source.
  • You have no rights to distribute the content without our permission. Also, storing the information on another website is also not allowed and claimed to be illegal.

What we collect

We collect:

  • Company name and person name.
  • Contact information i.e. phone number and email address.
  • Information related to customer surveys etc.

What we do with the information

We promise not to use your information for any illegal work because we collect the information to serve you in a better way. We understand your requirements and provide better services. Using your information by us is important for:

  • Record keeping.
  • We need to contact you for invoicing
  • We work to offer the best services and products by conducting surveys
  • Promotional mails are sent via your mails and any information on discounts or offers are sent on the address or mails you have provided.
  • For market research purposes need your information so that we can contact you via email, phone, fax etc.
  • Any updating or customizing of the website is done if we feel that your idea is better than that of us and can benefit our sales.


Though we assure that your information is secure at our site, we cannot guarantee that. As you know that internet is a network of networks and any information shared via internet can be read by others so you acknowledge and agree to it. Even after giving a special notice that the transmissions are safe, we are not very sure.

Accounts, Security and Passwords

To avail the services, you may need to open an account with us and for that; you have to keep your information secure. You will be responsible for maintaining the privacy of your information used in the account such as password and anything that is related to your account. If you feel any unauthorized user has access your account, notify Product Photo Editing immediately to stop the usage. If you don’t contact us, we cannot help you out in case of any wrong activity. However, you will be at the fault for any type of losses if you don’t contact us due to some unauthorized user accessing your information.

Free Trial

Product Photo Editing offers a trial for the new clients. You can avail two images as a trial offer to assess our potential on further work. To get trial, you have to register with us and fill all the necessary details with us so that we can know that you are not a robot and a genuine customer seeking for our services. Once you will be registered with us, only then you can get a free trial. If the images sent by you for trial work exceeds one hour, we may cancel the trial in that case. Also, we have the complete rights to reject the work meant for free trial and so we are not liable to do the work if we don’t want.


Product Photo Editing asks to pay upfront fee before starting the work to ensure that you are not a fraud. Regular or corporate clients may pay later if they are subjected to reference checks and we agree on them paying after the work. Any client who wants to get extended credit has to sign a contract that will be made for this purpose only. The signatures will be done by our one of the team members showing our consent. After the work is completed, you have to pay within 4 days of the delivery.

Refund Policy

Though we believe in complete customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing the best services. And if in case you are not satisfied with the work, we do revisions and if not, we can refund your money within 60 days from the date you placed the order.

Quality Guarantee

We struggle hard to provide only the finest results that are of utmost quality. But in case you don’t like the work, we offer revisions and corrections as you say us to do. Product Photo Editing is not responsible if the error occurs due to the poor guidelines or communication gap from your end. We make the amendments owing to our quality guarantee and are unbiased.

Using your Image

Product Photo Editing has the rights to use the free trial images given by you for the promotions. You cannot stop us but if you want us not to use the images, send us a mail at [email protected] and we will not use it. We have the right to publish the images on our site without your permission but if you don’t want, mail us. We can ask you to use your images on our website for showing work samples but it depends upon you whether you allow us for this or not. Your permission matters to us.

How we use cookies

Cookie is a piece of information that gets stored in your computer’s hard drive. Whenever you visit a site, cookies store the information to analyze web traffic. They allow web apps to analyze your preferences and show what you want to see. Your needs, tastes, likes and dislikes get gathered by these apps and tailored accordingly. Product Photo Editing use traffic log cookies to identify your preferences of the pages. Then this information is used for statistical analysis purposes only and after that the data is removed. Cookies are good to keep a website performing good as we can monitor the pages you like and reject which you don’t like. Cookies don’t allow us to access your computer but only the data that you may want to share with us. It’s your wish whether or not to accept the cookies. Some browsers are automatic in accepting cookies while some need settings so you can decline the cookies if you don’t wish to accept.


The website is intended for providing general information only. No matter the information given on the site is for general purpose, but we don’t assure that the information provided by us is accurate, reliable and suitable to your needs even if the information is up-to-date with the latest trends. Any service, product or graphics mentioned at the site can be distorted and so we don’t promise you for anything. So whatever information you wish to use is at your own risk and we are not responsible for that. In no event will we be held responsible for any type of loss or profit you incur from the website whether it is direct or indirect. Whatsoever arises is your responsibility and not ours. You may be able to link to other websites and if anything happens, we cannot take control of that as linking to other site is your choice. We take no responsibility or control of other sites whether it is related to the content, products or services. The display of any information by those sites doesn’t necessarily mean that they support the things expressed in that piece of information.
We take every step to keep the website up and running for your service so that you don’t face any issue while exploring the site. However, Product Photo Editing doesn’t take liability if any time the website gets down due to some technical issue or else. Such issues are uncontrollable.