All you Need to Know About PPI and PPCM

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January 28, 2017

All you Need to Know About PPI and PPCM

About PPI and PPCM

Image settings are important when it comes to photo editing. Be it any image editing software, the image settings always do the rounds in every mind. So have you heard about PPI and PPCM? Well, both these terms are quite similar but not the same of course.
All of the confused people must know the basic difference between per inch and per centimetre, don’t you? Let me clear your confusion then:
PPI stands for pixels per inch whereas PPCM denotes pixels per centimetre.
Pixel density decides the resolution of the screen and useful while printing anything.
To make you understand the basic difference, you should learn that 150 pixels per inch equal 60 pixels per cm.
After getting to know this basic difference, you will be able to get through PPI and PPCM.

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