Steps on How to Create Drop Shadow in Photoshop

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Steps on How to Create Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Shadow adding is the most used thing in Photoshop to give a realistic and natural look to the pictures. To add shadows, many methods are there like cast shadow, drop shadow and hand drown shadows. Today I am going to enlighten you all on the shadow adding method and how to add it to an image.
Definition of Drop Shadow
Drop shadow is a nice technique to make the object look natural as the shadow gets fuzzier. In addition, the color of the shadow gets lighter as much as it goes far from the object. It is a type of shadow that gets created in some form and when that form blocks the light, drop shadow is formed. Let’s take a look on how to add shadow artificially when natural shadows don’t appear:
1. Open the image in Photoshop. Now select the object for which you want to create the shadow using lasso tool or pen tool or magic wand tool whichever is convenient.
2. With the object selected, go to Add layer style and choose Drop Shadow from there.
3. You will see a dialog box having different shadow adding options. In the left side, blending options are there which give a different effect to the image when applied.
4. Now work on the opacity, angle, distance, spread and size etc. Modify the values and see how the shadow appears. Click OK.

VOILA! You are done with adding the drop shadow. Many methods are there which I will try to cover in the next topics. Thanks for reading it through!

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