3 alternative methods for photo clipping (Photoshop techniques)

Photoshop Image Masking Techniques
Photoshop Image Masking Techniques
January 1, 2018
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Professionals image masking service in USA
September 3, 2018
Photoshop techniques

Photo clipping is almost mandatory in most image enhancement projects. This invaluable technique is useful in removing the unwanted background and replacing with a suitable one. An example is enhancing a product image to post it on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Amazon requires product images to have a white background, and such image background replacements are a mainstay of photo clipping. Unfortunately, the process is time-consuming and very tedious. Hiring a professional might be too expensive especially when you are starting out and are looking to keep expenses low. Here are some alternatives you can use that don’t need expert knowledge to pull off.

     1. Quick selection tools in Photoshop

The quick selection tool in Photoshop is extremely easy to use. You can create a selection around the object with a single click. To open quick selection, press “Q” on the keyboard. Quick selection might require you to use the magic wand tool alongside it. Both methods work just fine, and you will save a ton of time using them. However, for precision, you might have to use the pen tool to draw a path around the object. This is common with professional editing services.

    2. Lasso tool

Using the lasso tool will also save you a lot of time as compared to image clipping and is worthwhile for the beginner. The lasso tool has three variations; the Polygon Lasso tool, Magnetic Lasso, and the Lasso tool. These three have specific uses to achieve different results. It is also easy to use, and selection can be done in a few seconds.

  3.Color separation

The color separation technique involves modifying the colors to isolate an object or background. This is done by making the object color different from the background. You can use RGB channels to do this, and it is commonly used for hair masking. After making the colors distinct, you then select the foreground using the quick selection tool. Color adjustment results in high accuracy are making the process effective in selecting objects. It also requires minimal effort and a short time to complete.

Although these alternatives are useful for the novice designer or entrepreneur, they cannot substitute photo clipping due to their limited nature. Taking the time to clip the image by hand guarantees a higher quality hence producing better results. Certain images cannot be clipped using the alternatives listed above. If the image is sensitive and needs remarkable background removal, photo clipping is paramount. Using these alternatives for commercial purposes might be detrimental to your efforts and cause more harm than good.

For professional and commercial uses it is best to clip the images by hand. Most of the time, this will require hiring a professional photo editing service that will address the clipping service entirely and produce desirable results. Contrary to popular belief, getting your photos professionally edited is not very expensive. Consider it an investment because it improves your brand image and reputation and at the same times increases the chance of converting page views into sales. Take your time to vet these service providers and hire those with the best quality.






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