There are several uses of image masking. We will be discussing some of the advanced uses of background removal in this article. There are some objects with soft edges including hair, fuzzy clothing, dolls, etc. In all these cases, a combination of photo masking technique and clipping path is applied t remove or replace the background in an image. There are objects with hard edges on which primary clipping path techniques are applied to get desired results. However, photo masking is called for help when you want to isolate the object from its background.

There is another method to draw the object out from the background. Pen tool is used to separate the objects with soft edges. This method helps in convenient blending of hard and soft areas. The blending accuracy depends on the airbrush size and sketching pressure.

Below we will be discussing the image masking techniques-

Layer Masking

The layer masking is a high quality technique used in Photoshop that is done by hand. The mask is directly applied to the layer where there are soft and refined edges. It is performed with pen tool. The technique is used to remove the background or the object and place it at different background. You need to consult the experts to avail these services and the charges will vary depending on the complexity of the task.

Alpha Channel Masking

 However, there are various techniques used in clipping path to separate the object from the background. But ever technique is used depending on different needs of an image. The object separated from an image is saved as alpha channel. This gives you the free-will to edit exposure, contrast and brightness of the image on later stages. Also, the file size is lighter to give you the ease of uploading and downloading the file. For the Alpha Channel Masking, it is best if the background is of single color.

Fur & Hair Masking

 In clipping path, one of the most competitive tasks including separating the objects with fur or hair. This technique has to be performed very carefully and it takes a lot of time as well. It is also one of the most charged techniques from the experts considering its complexity. Pen tool is used to work this technique out. However, photo masking is a better suitable option on the objects with soft edges than clipping path.

Refined Edge Masking

This technique is usually used with the images with hard edges. The quick selection tool is used and layer mask is applied to it. The refine radius tool is used to make the edges softer. By using this tool, you can make things like hair, fur, blankets, fabrics, animals, trees, etc. appear more natural in the image. This is one of the highly used techniques in image masking.

Image masking is a complex concept. The professionals charge huge amount of money for these services. But if you have an online business and need these services then we recommend you to seek professional help.

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