Tips to Attract People towards Pinterest Board

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Tips to Attract People towards Pinterest Board

Digital world, as you all know, is about images and videos. Internet is full of pictures and every website owner puts in their complete dedication and focus into creating an exceptional website. You might have seen many websites with beautiful and captivating images and they are quite popular as well. Before uploading the pictures on the internet, it is very important to ensure that they look good. It is because people get attracted towards stunning images and to get their attention, design the images accordingly.

If you have started your own website already, you should consider creating nice images. While a website alone is not enough, you have to make things work by posting pictures on other platforms as well. To get successful in online world, pictures play a significant role. However, without wasting your time, money, and efforts on other unimportant things, adopt these photo editing tips and achieve the desired results. Pinterest is an amazing platform which helps in displaying the images for the people to see. While this platform works on only the images, you have to ensure that you upload the best images to grab attention of the viewers.

Check out these photo editing tips for Pinterest:

Add text

When you create the images for Pinterest, you can choose to add text or nice caption which will bring in more people towards the board. Photoshop is good software to add text if you want to attract the audience.

Add text in Pinterest Board


The suggested layout of the images for Pinterest is portrait. Once when you are done with the editing part, change the orientation to portrait and then save the image.

Remove the unwanted backdrop

The background of an image is the deciding factor of the success and failure of a website or Pinterest board. Having bad and cluttered backgrounds should be avoided because such images distract the viewers. Use background removal techniques and clipping path services to remove the unwanted backgrounds and add simple backdrop to get the major focus.

Keep the background transparent

It is always suggested to keep the background transparent or white no matter on which platform you are using the image. To bring more attention, make sure that the background is white as it will make the whole Pinterest board look captivating. Also, the board will look consistent with similar images so why to add distracting elements in the background?

Add gradients and text overlay

Add text overlays and color gradients over the images when you are going to upload the images at Pinterest. By adding text and gradient will improve the overall appearance of the image and make the object pop out from its respective background. The pinning board has to be very gorgeous in order to grab eyeballs and convince the audience to visit your website at least once.


Apart from these above mentioned tips, content is also king. Pinterest is all about images and content doesn’t do much but it cannot be ignored as well. If you will write impressive quotes on the images, people will get attracted and also share your website further because you have the best images on the web. Let us start pinning and create an awesome Pinterest board with breathtaking pictures using photo editing services, when required.


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