Here are Product Photo Size Requirements For Different Platform Selling

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Here are Product Photo Size Requirements For Different Platform Selling

Product Photo Size Requirements

Selling on online platforms has never been as easy as it is now. It is indeed a challenging task to build online reputation when it comes to online selling. As more and more people are coming forward to sell their products online, it is mandatory to know the photo size requirements which are must to follow.

Since 63% of the retailers are selling online, World Wide Web has actually become a huge marketplace. Also, with all the busy schedules, online platforms offer much ease to the customers to buy without going out in the market to buy the stuff. Plus, online websites offer good discounts because there is no middle person involved and the websites buy directly from the manufacturers. When you want to sell online, product photo optimization becomes very important so,

Here are few platforms for which we have written down the basic specifications to adopt:

Product Photo Size Requirements


Edit your photos for Amazon and get better exposure at this one of the world’s major selling channel. Here, you need to maintain the file size to 10 MB and the file format must be JPEG, TIF, and GIF. JPEG is the most preferred format and the background should be white throughout in order to follow the consistency of the portal.

The image size needs to be 500 px on one side and 1000 px or larger. Plus, 85% of the frame must be the product and the color mode to use is either RGB or CMYK. The file name should be A12345.jpg and must include the product identifier.


To upload photos on Ebay, you have to make sure that the image doesn’t contain any logos, symbols or artwork or else the image will be rejected. The image size must be 500 px and 800-1600 px, which is recommended. Plus, the accepted file type is JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, and PNG. Other than that, the file size is 7 mb with photo uploader and 12 mb from web address. Next, you are free to upload up to 12 product photos in a single listing and eBay automatically add enlarge feature with high resolution.


Set the file size to 20mb and file type should be PNG, GIF and PNG. Plus, the image size is at least 1000 px square where auto zoom feature is automatically added. Make sure to keep all the images consistent throughout the website to promote better viewing experience for the viewers. For a product, you can upload 10 photos in one go and if you actually want to attract people, do upload at least 5. Also, it is important that the image is landscape or square because these images are used in thumbnails.

Google Shopping

Upload product photos on Google in any format like JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF and PNG. The file size is maximum 16 mb and the image size for non-apparel is 100 px square and for apparel, it is 250 px square. You are prohibited to enter any text, logo, symbol or border in the product image. 75%-90% of the frame should be the product only and 11 photos are allowed each product.


Shopify is an online platform that allows you to create your own website if you want. It automatically creates different sizes of the product photos and the maximum file size is 20 mb along with the file type JPG. This is the recommended file type. The image size should be 2048 px square which is the recommended size and the maximum size is 4472 px. The width to height ratio for all images should be the same. Up to 250 images can be uploaded on Shopify.


Magento allows the sellers to upload up to 15 product images and the file size must be 5mb. Next, the file type should be PNG and JPG which is the recommended format. The photo image size is specific to 1100 px square and also the images should be of high resolution. The thumbnail image must be 50 px square to make the product look superb.


Although there is no specified photo file size, the image format must be PNG and JPG. Next, the recommended image size is 800 px square so the images look highly detailed and bigger. Woocommerce platform automatically creates thumbnails for the product images and white background is the major requirement of every image.


The file type of images is JPG, GIF, and PNG whereas the file size is not specified. Next, the image size is 1024 px is the recommended size and all the images should have white background to maintain consistency. There is a restriction on adding any text, promotional content, logos, offensive content, and watermark etc. on the product photos. While uploading the products, make sure that each product must have at least one picture.

Other requirements and guidelines For Product Photo Editing:

The product main image on your Amazon product pages must have a white background. Amazon also requires merchants to use sRGB or CMYK color mode, and at least 85% of the frame should be the product Photo.

Other requirements and guidelines: The MAIN image on your Amazon product pages must have a white background. Amazon also requires merchants to use sRGB or CMYK color mode, and at least 85% of the frame should be the product.


Optimize your product photos for different marketplaces and give your business a better exposure like never before. Are you ready to sell your products online?

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