Get an Insight into Image Masking Service and its Benefits

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Get an Insight into Image Masking Service and its Benefits

Image masking service is the most commonly used service in the photography and graphic industry. With image masking, one can remove the complicated backgrounds of the images. Examples include furry and hairy objects, water splash, threaded objects, and other intricate details objects. Removing the background is the most challenging task when the object is complicated and here image masking service comes in handy. While there are different techniques to remove the background of an object, image masking is perfect when the edges are blurred or contain hair. Photoshop offers this technique and delivers high quality results.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a method to remove complicated background of an image which no other tool can do perfectly. Any distorted area in the image is corrected using image masking as it allows you to hide and reveal the portions of an image according to your requirements. While image masking is pretty similar to clipping path, this technique is well known for its accuracy and delivering quality results. When it comes to image manipulation services, image masking is one of the most efficient methods.

Types of Image Masking

Here are few types of image masking services:

Layer mask

Layer mask is the basic service allowing you to modify the transparency of the layer.

Clipping mask

This mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. It has the lowermost layer which defines the visible boundaries of the group. The shape is in the base layer, image is on top of the layer and text is written in the uppermost layer.

Importance of Image masking

The pictures have blurry and fuzzy edges if they contain hair or fur so while removing the background, you have to be extra cautious because a little mistake in removing the hair properly will make the whole image look bad. For image masking, one has to have complete skills and professionalism to get stunning results. With the right usage of skills, the backgrounds are removed effectively and natural results are obtained. Other than the above mentioned masking types, here are few more:

  • Transparent object masking service
  • Photo layer masking service
  • Alpha photo masking service
  • Channel masking service
  • Edge refine masking service

Choose the best image masking service

While there are lot of photo masking experts out there in the market, it is important to choose the best one after doing proper research. Talk to your connections who have or are currently availing photo editing services for their portals. Having proper knowledge about the photo editing companies is essential if you want to settle on the best company to take care of your pictures. Clipping Path King is one such company that focuses on delivering quality work within the necessary time frame. What’s more, they even provide free trial for the images to make you assess their skills and decide whether or not to take their services. Also, you get discounts for bulk work and they promise equal quality for all the images no matter how complicated a picture is.

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