Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path is a method of creating a lifelike an image, from another picture. It is done by removing the image from its original background. You need to do it perfectly, so that people will love what you did and it is possible to achieve it, as long you have it done, from people expert in the field.

Clipping Path Services at Product Photo Editing

Product Photo Editing has emerged as the best Clipping Path Service company and inventive online portals when it comes about offering image cropping, photo cut out and clipping path services. We have proved our mettle in almost every niche or service we are offering, whether it is photo cut out or image cropping or any other service. Although we have achieved good clientele and recognition all over the nation, we strive hard to meet all the aspiring needs in photography and clipping path services even with more hard work. Basically clipping path or photo cut out service focus on cutting out an object from the background using handy Photoshop tools. You can refer to it as cutting images from a magazine or so.

At Product Photo Editing, the procedure is done to perfection and you will never notice that the images are edited. The result is a very perfect-looking image and that is the result of having the expertise in this method. In the procedure, every clipping path and cut-out was hand-drawn, using a photoshop pen tool. This is done to ensure full control of the editing and thus achieving clean edges on all images. Product Photo Editing delivers high-quality works, to meet their customer’s requirement. At Product Photo Editing, you cannot go wrong with them.

What is clipping path?

It is the procedure of removing a picture from its background. It actually involved image clipping, deep etching, photo cut-out, removing the background and cutting out images, which produces transparent background. The procedure is mostly done with the Pen tool.

• It enables the user to manipulate the image itself. You can also illuminate the background of an image and place it to another background. It can also hide an image, without removing it. You can also manipulate the shape and multiple areas of an image.

• This will enable the user to integrate the subject into other backgrounds. It enhanced the mirror effect, improves the shadow effect of the picture. This technique is used to create photographs, make flyers, brochures and other applications. It is useful for publishing and advertising companies. A clipping path can enhance the images many times better.

How do you create a Clipping Path in Photoshop?

Creating a Clipping Path is a technique that requires great patience and perseverance. However, it will give you a satisfying result. It is a method to make editing of your website easier.

1. Select the file that you need to work with.

2. Go to the toolbar and select the pen tool from there. Or you can alternatively go to the tool menu and get it from there.

3. To easily work on the image, it is better to magnify it. Click an edge, hold and drag it to the next point and click. This to improve accuracy in your work.

4. Using the handle that appears when you click the mouse, you can now manipulate the image using the path that is formed.

5. The distance between two pints should be made shorter to ease the process.

6. Repeat the process, until the whole image is covered.

Who needs clipping path and deep-itching services?

Clipping path will help fashion designers achieve a perfect image as they often require. Here in this industry, good photo editing software is a must. Websites are also one of the best beneficiaries of the technique. Your website should contain the perfect information and the perfectly manipulated images to support your text contents. In the auto industry, manufacturers enhanced their designing capability and enable them to accurately make their marketing tools. It also helps designers in the jewelry industry. In the architecture and interior designs fields, the preciseness of the tool is what they need to produce the best designs. Whether you are working on a single or batch images, the clipping path will give you the edge in achieving a perfect look of those images.

When to use a clipping path?

Clipping path is a specialized technique to do the following procedure

• When there is a need to remove an image from a background and move it to other background images.

• Hiding existing background from an image, without actually getting rid of it. This is useful when working with catalogs.

• This method is also useful to change the size of an image, or you need to adjust a specific region of an image.

• It is capable of multi-clipping, to select multi areas in an image, to make correction in color within an image.

When not to use a clipping path?

It should not be used on hairy and fuzzier edges of an image. It is also not advisable to transparent images. In those cases, use the more advanced image masking.

How to remove the background from an image, with image clipping?

There are many methods to remove the background of an image. One of them is image clipping. The procedure is performed by placing the subject of a photo in its layer and making the pixels transparent. Isolating the image will enable you to place your product in another background. It can be done in Photoshop, InDesign or on a website. If you want to learn more about this technique, you can check the photoshop tutorial online. There are many tutorials available online.

How to make an image have a transparent background with clipping

Achieving this will require you to have a perfect clipping path.

• By placing your image in InDesign in catalog layout, you will be able to convert it to clipping path. The background will appear intact in photoshop. But it will be transparent when it is put back in InDesign.

• Another way is to completely make it transparent in any application. You can do it thru a selection. It is either delete the background or create an image mask from the selection.

At Product Photo Editing, we have professionally trained graphic designers and provide them with years of experience in the clipping path and deep-itching. Our designers are the experts in Photoshop’s pen tool, which allows us to produce magnificent works. Our practice of achieving this goal is made possible with the dedication of our staff and the years of experience, they have been using the technique. We refrain using automation tools because we are aware of its damaging effect on your images. Modern customers are now detailed oriented and they wanted quality service and nothing else.

We do photoshop clipping path, web image optimization, photoshop image masking service, natural drop shadow, image background shadow, and image manipulation service.

Clipping path services are offered by many design companies, but these companies are not capable of providing you with the perfect images you require. Product Photo Editing has the expertise acquired by many years of experience and it is manned by professional designers.Service is not compromised at Product Photo Editing

Clipping Path/ Photo Cut Out/ Image Cropping Service

With Photoshop, one can nicely cut out the images from their respective backgrounds. To remove something that is not required in the image is cut or cropped using a technique called “closed vector path” or “shape”. At Product Photo Editing, we make sure to offer what our customers need and no matter how intricate a task is, we deliver the most satisfying results. Proper tools are used to achieve flawless results in image cropping, photo cut out or clipping path. We have a team of experts who work hard on your projects by finding the appropriate tool for a particular purpose. For photo cut out or clipping path, the pen tool is used often that works incredibly to deliver award-winning results. With clipping path, backgrounds can be removed, image shape can be modified, appealing shadows can be added and images can be edited in one collage using multiple images.

At Product Photo Editing, our motive is to deliver the best in every niche and our prices are quite easy on the pocket to afford. For every type of image editing or clipping path services, our team is ready to assist you with the best possible methods. You just have to rely on us for the work and we put ahead of our skilled team to offer commendable results. Though we make use of the right tools, desired results are produced within the given time frame. However, we have the most experienced and meticulous team who are capable enough to produce remarkable outcomes. Also, we do provide suggestions and honest feedback on your queries because we know time is valuable.

We are offering an easy to use online portal where you just have to do a few clicks to get your work done in minimum time. Simply go the website and click on place a new order. From there, do what it asks you to do and you will be successful in placing your first order with Product Photo Editing. We will get back to you with the final results in the most suitable time required to complete the task. Not much time is needed to place the first order so be quick and try your hands on our top-notch services. Wish you good luck!!

Avail clipping path, photo cut out and image cropping services at Product Photo Editing at the most affordable prices. You can test 2 images for free so hurry up!!

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